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Friday, July 22, 2011

An Ode to Stuff (In Priority Order)

I know, I know.  As someone who teaches English, "stuff" is a non-specific word that should be removed from my vocabulary.  But this is what this post is about: stuff.  A collection of random stuff, really.  

Since I just wrote a gigantic check for our late honeymoon/first anniversary trip (that's coming up in a week!  Ah!), I'm kind of in a bit of a spending freeze.  Boo.  However, there's only about a month left of my summer, which makes me itch to get more done around the house.

So, I'm prioritizing my time --and money-- and deciding what must be done by August 22 when I go back to the real world of teaching the adolescents of Central Illinois (and therefore have no time to myself anymore).

Priority number one:  Clean the house.  Thoroughly.   

Yes, this is why my house is never clean.  I just have a full life,
that's all.  It's not the fact that both the hubs and I are too
tired (lazy) to clean it after a day of work.
Second item on the list: Paint my dresser to match my nightstand.

This sad, old lady needs some facial rejuvenation.  Badly.
Third priority: Paint the downstairs bonus room.  It's fugly.  This room has become a dumping ground for all of the things that have nowhere else to go simply because we don't know what to do with the space.  Oh, and while I'm at it, I might as well try to figure out what to do with that gigantic, non-defined space.

Okay, it looks a little better now.  There's not so much crap down
there and there's a real craft desk instead of a card table.  You get
the idea, though; there's no definition of space.
Item number four from the list is to figure out how to put a gallery wall in my stairwell.  I'm so nervous about pounding a bunch of holes in that space because that's going to be a big pain to fill and paint when the time comes to move.  However, that time won't be for a while, so I guess it's okay to put up a gallery wall there.  I'm also scared about doing this wall at an angle.  Math and angles aren't my thing.  It's just so intimidating!

How boring is that plain wall!?
And priority number five (since I think even three of these things are pretty ambitious for a month's time, I should stop now): Buy these owls.  I don't know where they will go, but I want need them.

I'm in love.
So there you have it, my to-do list for the rest of my summer.  I'd better quit blogging and go get started!


  1. ahhh... I have to do an intense cleaning as well!

  2. I did a gallery wall in our study...I used sheets of paper cut to the size of my frames, taped them to the wall and arranged those around until I liked it. You can see it here:

    A gallery wall would fill in your wall nicely!

  3. i want to do a gallery wall too but hubs worry about the holes in the wall. i told him that we are going to be here for a while so i just might do it soon!