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Friday, July 29, 2011

Craft Night Numero Uno!

Tonight was a great night.  I had a craft night with three of my best friends from high school (Abby, Anne, and Betsy), who I feel so blessed to have known for nearly 10 years now.  Although we live all over the state (and some of us in other states) now that some of us are married and others have big girl jobs elsewhere, we talk all of the time and try to get together whenever possible.  

After giving my friend this wreath for her bridal shower, all of my friends wanted to learn how to make yarn wreaths.  So we scheduled a date to come to my house for dinner, wine, and crafting!  It was so much fun!  We are going to plan to get together the last Friday of every month for a different craft.  I love this plan!  

The evening started out with a very successful, yet long, trip to Hobby Lobby.  I swear, I could spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in that store.  I have to go in with a list or at least a rough idea of what I want, or I will spend hours and far too many dollars there.  

Upon returning home, we had some tasty BBQ pulled chicken and mashed potatoes that I had made, a glass of sweet red wine ($3.00 from Walmart!  I was skeptical, but it was actually really good.  We'll see if I get a migraine from it in the morning, I suppose), followed by dessert, which was a glass of Moscato.

Then... let the crafting begin!  I set up the card table, some of our kitchen chairs (classy, I know), and got the hot glue gun and Pandora radio going before settling in and showing my friends the ropes.

Notice the bottle of wine.  Every good craft project needs a
bottle of vino.  Yum! (Betsy, on the right, didn't make a
wreath because she had to leave early.  She's moving at
7am tomorrow!  Next craft night, though!)

The joys of crafting!

Zeke was very enthusiastic about being our quiet observer.
I got my wreath done a bit before the other girls, but this was a good thing because I was better able to help them with theirs when they had questions.

Perfect for the fall!  All it needs is some ribbon
to hang it from!
Some of the girls started slowing down... and here's why.

That would be an empty glass AND bottle.
As I watched and helped the other girls get their flowers together, I thought about my wreath.  It needed something else... bigger flowers!  So I set to work on some larger flowers to take the place of the littler ones.

We were serenaded by some live tunes from Hubby
#2 for a bit...  No, I don't have a second hubs.  This is
Kraig, the hubby's best buddy, who is also a great
friend of mine.  
Another glass of wine and a few minutes later, my wreath was officially finished!

Abby and Anne were still working for a bit, so I spent some time snuggling with this bum.

I guess that crafting got a bit dull to watch.  Or maybe he just wasn't
in to our girl talk anymore.  There's only so much a dog can hear
about True Blood before he has to tune out.
A few more glue sticks later (I think we went through about 6 or 7 of those suckers)...

Abby getting her craft on!  Don't you love that
color combo!?
...and all three wreaths were complete!

It's a little nautical, I think, but those flowers sure

I love Anne's color combination!

Three beautiful ladies and three beautiful wreaths!
I can honestly say that this was one of the best nights of my summer so far--amazing friends, yummy food, delicious vino, and crafting.  I love spending time with these lovely ladies who are always there for me no matter what life throws at us, never judging and just willing to be my constants.  

I cannot wait for our next craft night: August 26th.  We will be making jewelry!  We also already have mosaic table tops on the brain for the following month!  

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