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Friday, July 8, 2011

Closet Organization

Okay, so maybe this isn't the most exciting thing in the world to post about, but it's pretty exciting for me.  Maybe once you see my before and after pictures of the closet in our guest room, you'll think it's exciting, too.  

I've been putting it off for weeks, pretending like it's just magically going become clean and organized all on its own.  Nope.

As I may have said before, the hubby never puts things back in the same place twice.  Never.  Therefore, my house is never as organized as I would like it to be.  On top of that, if there's one thing about my house that I feel like it's missing, it's storage space.  There just isn't enough closet space to put everything, which we hope to remedy in the downstairs room at some point, but for now it is what it is.  We have a closet in each bedroom, two pantry closets, and a coat closet.  That's it.  So you imagine the dilemma I run in to when I try to put away holiday decorations and various things that most people would stick in storage.

After waking up from a wonderful nap this afternoon and trying to find something in this mess, I decided that it could no longer be put off.  This is what our guest room closet looked like around 4pm today:

Oh.  My.

Even the shelves meant to organize are a
complete disaster.
I bought a few canvas totes (on sale!) from Mejier to hopefully help solve this problem.

I had to get the blue, since it's the Gator room after all.
Then I started pulling all of that junk out of that disaster most people would call a closet.  I had a few rubbermaid bins, the shoe box size, lying around the bottom of the closet that were empty, so I used them for a first aid box.

Yes, I am a Language Arts teacher who also teaches spelling.
Note to self: Wait at least 20 minutes after napping before
attempting to write anything in Sharpie.  
After about an hour and a half of pitching a bunch of crap, condensing like items, and making a last-minute Walmart run for some plastic bins, the closet was done!

What?!  That closet has a floor?!

Nice bins to store the millions of Scentsy bars,
candles, extra towels, and soaps I have.

It's so organized I could cry!
Are you excited now?  Mildly?  Even a little bit?  Well, I am!  Smiling and jumping up and down, I revealed the closet to the hubs.  Proud of my work, I assumed he would also find this riveting   Nope.  But, I did make him promise to keep it that way... or else.

On a side note, did you notice my dried-out wedding bouquet hanging in the closet?  It's been there for nearly a year and I have no idea what to do with it.  Any ideas?  If I can't figure something out, they're going in the trash. 


  1. I should do a post on the closet in my nursery. My before picture gives me nightmares. I love organization- how does this happen to us? Oh, yeah... our husbands. Mine just piles stuff on stuff! Argh!

    I love those blue bins!

  2. that looks amazing and so organized ... i know why you're excited, haha.

  3. Thanks! I'm glad that other people appreciate organization, too.