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Monday, June 27, 2011

Yarn Wreath: Version 2.0

So you might remember this little beauty from my last post:

I was a little worried that it was too plain, so today I made some final improvements before hanging it on the door.  I picked up a spool of ribbon ($1.50 on sale from Michael's!!) that matches the yellow flowers, and it was complete!  I think that the ribbon just gave it the final touch I was looking for.  Plus, if I ever decide that I don't like the ribbon anymore, it's a quick fix to take it off!

I love it!  Now I've got the itch.  These are so easy and cute that I want to make more.  Too bad there's really nowhere to put them in my house...


  1. Ooh I like that better! The ribbon is just the little something that wreath needed :)

  2. Oh I LOVE it! That seriously made it perfect :)