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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

I am afraid that I don't have too much I'm wishing for on this Wishlist Wednesday.  I've been so busy this week with swim team that I haven't gotten to do too much around the house.

But here's what I've been eyeing for a while: yarn wreaths.  So, I'll show you some of my favorites after a Google image search.  But, be on the look-out for my own version soon.  I picked up all of the materials from Michael's (With a 20% off my whole purchase coupon, I scored everything I needed for $10.53!!)this afternoon on my way home from swim practice!

I love all of the bright colors on this one!

This one is beautiful!  It looks a bit too complicated for me at the
moment, though.  

Given my affinity for owls, you can guess which one is
my favorite.

I love the color combination here!
I'm stoked to start my own.  It's not going to be anything complicated, but if I find that I like it, I can try something more complicated next time!

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