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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

It's time again for Wishlist Wednesday, a little post where I let you in on a few things I'm salivating over this week.

First up: granite counters.  Although our current countertops aren't that horrible, they certainly don't appeal to my tastes.  They're too dark for the rest of our decor and just not what I wanted when I started house hunting.  So, someday down the road, the hubs and I plan to replace them with granite.  Here are some of the colors we like with our white cabinets.

And, to go with that beautiful granite, we'd love to replace the tile flooring.  Again, as with the countertops in our kitchen, I'm not a huge fan of the tile.  It looks like that old-school black and white diner tile, which can work in some spaces, but it's not our taste.  So here's what we'd like to put down:

I love the color and pattern of the beautiful floors!  

I could also really go for one or a dozen of these babies right about now:

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  1. Any improvement in this old house of mine is huge. I love the color of the formica countertops. Taking a cue from that long scratch on the original ones, I’m extremely careful not to do anything to damage them, but they are pretty durable.