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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday!

So I've decided to try something a little new here on The Transforming Townhouse: Wishlist Wednesdays!  Get excited.  Every Wednesday, I'll post about an item or two that is on my home improvement wishlist.  They'll most likely be very unfordable items that someone who teaches the youth of America will never be able to purchase, but maybe--just maybe--something will happen and I'll magically come in to a lot of money.  Wouldn't that be nice?  In the event of this happening (also on my wishlist), I should be prepared.  Right?  And therefore: Wishlist Wednesdays.

First item on the wishlist: Bamboo Hardwoods.  I want these for the entryway to the house.  Right now, it's icky tile that reminds me of a hospital or a school cafeteria.  I love the dark color of these hardwoods, and the sustainability of bamboo makes me feel a little less guilty about them.
These are fierce. 

Also making an appearance on my wishlist: wooden stairs.  Currently, we have carpet on the stairs, but since the stairs are directly off the entry and lead to the main level of our house, the carpet is looking sadly worn.  These are almost certainly not going to happen in the townhouse, since it's an expensive project and this is not our "forever" home, but hey, a girl can dream.
Mmmm... mommy likes.
And finally.  The thing I would like the most.  I've wanted this since about 1993 when I saw my favorite movie of all time.  
Mommy loves.
Oh, sorry.  That just kind of slipped in there.  Oops.

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