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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summerfest This Weekend!

Okay, this is completely and totally non-decorating related, but I'm so overcome with excitement that I just have to share with someone (and who better than you 10 lovely followers of my little blog?).

Are you ready for it?  Are you!?

I'm going to Summerfest this weekend in Milwaukee! 

This is my 20th time back for Summerfest, but I'm more excited this year than any years past.  For any of you who have not experienced all of the awesomeness that is Summerfest, this is something that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.   

Why, you might ask?  Well I'll tell you.  

1) It's in the greatest state ever, Wisconsin.  
2) There's beer.  Lots of it.  
3) Alligator on a stick.  'Nuff said. 
4) Mr. M. R. A. Z.  will be there.  Yes, ladies and gents, I am seeing Jason Mraz in the 4th row on Saturday.  *Gush!*
5) Did I mention that there's beer?

Not only is there great food, beer, and music, this is Wisconsin I'm talking about here people--land of deep fried cheese, paper-thin greasy burgers, cheap booze, and the Green Bay Packers.  What's not to love?

I can hardly contain my excitement!  How could this weekend possibly get any better?  This is the second weekend in a row that I've gone back home!!! 

Also on the agenda for this weekend in the land of the best tasting cows around: visit the moderately-sized flea market in Milton.  I'm hoping I can talk my cousin in to this.  There's always some strange stuff at that place.  

So while I'm watching this amazingly talented man sing, dance, and steal things on Saturday evening, what will you be doing?

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