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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Master Bathroom Accessories

So you may remember when I painted our master bathroom.  It was mostly done, in terms of painting and lighting, but the accessories left a little something to be desired.  They were all plain white plastic, which I had put on our wedding registry because we weren't sure where we'd be living.  We figured we'd have Bloomington Beige (which is what everyone calls the builder color choices on all newer homes in my area), so white would go with anything.  Well, it's been nearly a year, and those white pieces no longer look too classy with my snazzed up master bath. 

Here's what I used to have:
Toothbrush holder that hardly does the job.  We
find our toothbrushes slipping out all of the

Other downside to white?  It is ALWAYS dirty.  This is the holder only
two days after I cleaned it.  Gross!  I don't know what that gunk is.
Maybe it's whatever drips off the toothbrush after we're done with
it.  If so, that's disgusting.

And here we have our lovely soap dispenser.  It used
to look clean and nice.  Now, however...

See that green rust-like stuff taking hold around the top?
And this, ladies and gents, is why, while at TJ Maxx after a jumbo 26oz margarita, I purchased these:

Probably the best semi-tipsy decision I've ever made.  The toothbrush holder (on your right) was $6.99, while the soap dispenser (left) was $8.99.  They're such an improvement.  I still need to find a new wastebasket and tissue holder, though.  If you know of where I can find one that would "go" with these new accessories, please let me know where to find it!

I also got this towel for our towel ring:
$7.99!  It's Ralph Lauren, too, and super soft.  It's okay
to put cream in the bathroom even though my cabinets
are white, right?
I'm thinking of purchasing this clock from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Would it "go" with the rest of my new accessories?
It's not the mosaic cracked glass like the rest of my new accessories, but I think it would look okay.  It's in the same color family, at least.

I'm hoping to pick up some baskets from Target for the laundry room today.  I was there with the hubs yesterday, and he said they were too expensive.  Bah.  Whatever, I'll use my personal account.  I mean, they're polka dotted for Pete's sake!  Plus, I don't really think they're that expensive.  We'd probably only need 2 of the big ones and 1 of the medium ones.  They're $9.98 for the big ones, and $7.98 for the medium ones.  That seems to be about in line with other bins that I've found at places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Gordmans.  Actually, the ones at B,B,&B are $12.99 for the large.

I hope that everyone has a great Father's Day today, too!  My little puppy gave his daddy a big, slobbery kiss at 6:57 this morning; needless to say, the hubs was not overjoyed with this gift.  I thought it was pretty darn cute, though!  And due to that kiss, Zeke and I are now sitting on the couch watching some HGTV, blogging, and eating lasagna for breakfast!

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  1. Haha, tipsy purchases are fun! I have a friend who loves to internet shop after she has been drinking...I do NOT recommend it! Haha