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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Laundry Room Pictures Are Up!

Can you tell that the laundry room is now my favorite "room" in my house?  I blame it on being hot pink; it makes me so happy and I wish every room in my house could be that awesome.  Also, it's a cheap makeover with a huge impact, so what's not to love?

Remember these frames from a few posts ago? 

Well, they're officially done and hung up in their happy little hot pink home.  I found the link to these cute vintage inspired printables over at What You Make It...  Thanks for the cute inspiration, Coley!  These little pops of color were just the touch that my blank pink canvas needed.

Added the piggy bank in here for all of the loose
change I seem to find in the hubby's pockets
while doing laundry.  Found it at Target.

I thought that the pictures looked a bit plain with just the white cardstock, so I matted them on a bright yellow, Mayan Papaya to be exact.  I love them!  

I also found this cute little sign at Hobby Lobby.  It doesn't really go with the colors inside of the laundry room, but the blue is a perfect match for the hallway.  So what did I do?  Put it on the laundry room door of course!

Sorry for the glare...
Now the only things left to do to complete the laundry room are to find some brightly colored baskets to hold all of the stuff on the shelf above the washer/dryer and find some cute knobs to replace the ugly white (well, nearly white since the paint is chipping off) knobs on the closet doors.  

Is it sad that the laundry room is my favorite room in the house, especially when I absolutely despise doing laundry? 

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  1. Soo cute! I love the photos with the bright cardstock you put behind it. I'm glad I could help with your laundry room decor :)