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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laundry Room Makeover: Day 1

Ugh!  Let me just say that I didn't think this would be a multiple day project.  While I was bored and browsing the net late last night, an idea hit me: "Alex, you should get rid of that nasty maroon in the laundry room.  It'll be such a simple, worthwhile fix."  This idea took root in my brain and did not leave.  So, around 11am today, DH and I took our happy tails to Home Depot to get some paint and a drywall patch kit.

It is now 8:25 pm as I write this, and the laundry room is not yet complete.  Are.  You.  Kidding. Me!?  This room--nay, it's not a room; it's a flippin' closet--will be the death of me.  There were 2 holes, HUGE ones, in the drywall in the laundry closet that the contractor neglected to fix when he cut the wrong holes for pipes, so I wanted to patch these since we were painting.  This was the easiest part of the job... at least getting the patch kits on was.

One of the holes after getting patched up.  Yes, for that itty bitty pipe,
there was a HUGE square where, I'm assuming, the wrong cut was
made several times.
So I start to tape off the ceiling and trim, which was also fairly simple.  While taping, what is that I see?  Oh, nice.  Another mis-cut hole where THE DRYWALL IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE WALL!!! Note to any Central Illinois residents: Do not buy a house built by the Prenzler Group.  We've found surprises like this all over the house.

Anyway, I start to edge the room and am really liking the paint color: Behr Ultra in Tropical Smoothie, Eggshell finish.  

Tropical Smoothie anyone?

The problem I seemed to be running into is that the color is going on super super thin and I can see straight through it.  With the roller, it went on a bit better, but still pretty thin.  

The color after 1 coat.  You can see through to the maroon
pretty easily at this point.  
I had to wait quite a while for the joint compound on the drywall kit to dry fully before I could paint over it.  Here is the issue I am running into with the patch: it is obviously there.  I mean, you can really see the patch and the difference in texture through the paint.  I guess it's better than a big hole, right?...

2 coats on the wall, 1 on the patch at this point.

Color is looking less see-through after 2 coats.

Way too many hours after beginning, I have decided to call it a night.  Hopefully, another coat on the patch kit makes it a bit less noticeable.  If you have any suggestions on this problem, please share!  

Also, here's another question I have.  There is no light in my laundry closet.  However, there is a light in the hallway right outside of the closet.  It is so dark in the closet at night because the only light comes from the hallway.  Lack of light also makes the color look a lot darker than it really is.  How can I get more light in this space (preferably without hiring an electrician to install a ceiling light)? 

Hopefully I can get this silly painting done tomorrow morning so I can start getting all of the fun accessories up!

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  1. What a nice shot of color in there! I would keep going with the paint coats and I think it should cover up the patch. That's a nice satisfying project to have done soon!