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Monday, June 13, 2011

Laundry Room is Done... Almost

Well, my loyal handful of followers, the time you have waiting for has arrived: the laundry "room" is done.  Well, kind of done.  I just need to print and hang these cute little pieces of laundry art, and I'll be good to go.  I am madly in love with the color of my laundry closet.  It matches my toenails (*gush*).  

Here's the 95% finished product:
The color in this photo is about as close to the real color
as I could capture with my little Cannon ZoomEx.

Can you notice the little drywall problem above the washer hook-ups?  Yeah... me too.  It is better than the giant hole that was there previously, but the hubs and I talked to one of our friends who builds houses, and he's going to come fix it professionally in the next few weeks.  Yay!  I did my best (sobs into mirror... Dane Cook, anyone?), but it just wasn't good enough.  Oh well!

I'd love to have cabinets rather than the metal shelf, but that'll have to wait for a bit.  This is a limited budget makeover, and eventually a new cabinet unit will replace that little shelf.  

Notice the little hanging iron/iron board holder that wasn't in the laundry before?  I spray painted that baby a nice, bright blue.

I also primed and spray painted 4 black frames ($9 total from Michael's) for the laundry room art to live in.

The color pops so much against the hot pink!  Love it!
I'm still trying to decide where I'll put these frames: under the shelf or on the opposite (right) side wall?  Hm... so much to ponder.  And that lighting problem I discussed in my previous post?  Solved.  I'm on the hunt for a cute night light to plug in!

So there you have it.  Finally, I got my hot pink room!  Besides the drywall issue, this is now my favorite "room" in the house.


  1. I like the blue! I also have wire shelves, but am thinking about putting a little fabric on the front to dress it up a bit. Maybe that would work for you! I cannot do cabinets either.

  2. Oh, that's an idea! Maybe I'll check out some fabric stores! Thanks!

  3. Every girl needs her pink room :) Great job! Thank for my award :) I linked you back on my blog!

  4. Kat: No problem! I love your blog!