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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Officially Summer!

Yes, ladies (and gents, if any gents come across this page), it is my FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!! Although I absolutely love teaching, I must admit that summer is nice.  I have so many things to   do this summer, I'm going to be even busier than I was during the school year, just in a different way.  

My numero uno priority this summer is to take care of this blank canvas that most people call a front yard.  I call it boring.  Although this is not my entire yard, the rest of it pretty much resembles this blank canvas.  I've got a deck out back, but it's pretty darn lame.  When we signed the contract on the house, at least there was a tree out front.  But, upon closing, said tree had become a stump.  Boo.  Now it is up to the hubs and myself to plant a new tree, one of those pretty ones with flowers (the guys at Lowes will help me figure out what kind that is, I'm sure).

Lame city.  The chair and my little welcome puppy
are darn cute, but the lawn needs so love.
Here are some of the landscaping pictures I love.  Obviously, being a townhouse, my home will not have nearly as much landscaping as the following pictures, but you can get the idea of what I'm going for.
I love the flowers and rocks along the walkway.  Obviously, we couldn't
do a tree where they have it.

This is more along the lines of what I'm going for.  I like the baby
bushes and rocks right along the walkway.  I'd also like to add
some landscaping bricks along the edge, but this is close to
what I want.
Also on the list for the summer is to add some wainscoting and a layer (probably a few layers, actually, considering the awful redness of the paint) of paint to the downstairs of the house.  We're thinking a pale green with white wainscoting.
Ugh.  If only you'd seen the curtains BEFORE we replaced them.
They were a lovely black fake leather floor-to CEILING panel.
The previous owner was so proud of them, too.  The hubby and I
wanted to take a black light to them, but decided against it.

Yes, still not totally unpacked nearly a year after moving.
I would also light to paint the guest bathroom.  It's the same flat gray that was in half the house when we moved in.  It doesn't look bad in the picture, but up close it's awful.  You can see every water spot and knick on the wall since the paint is flat.  I sort of like the color, but part of me really wants to switch it up.
I want to paint it hot pink, but the hubby isn't
totally all for that.

The tissue paper flower ball was the centerpiece
at our wedding!  I made all 20 of them, so I wasn't
about to just throw all of them away.
Those are the big things I want to change, but I'd also like to get a gallery wall up on our staircase entryway and paint all of the closets in the house, which are the same terrible redish maroon as the downstairs.

So it looks like I've got a busy summer ahead of me!


  1. I think your front step has a lot of potential!! I would consider a bigger rug to cover most of the roofed with a pattern. Very cute! I also think your bathroom looks pretty good so far.

    I am also a teacher and today was my last day of work, woo hoo!

  2. Awesome on having the summer to yourself! Did you see I gave a shout-out to you on my blog? Looking forward to seeing your summer projects come together.

  3. Coley: I did see that! Thanks! Am I supposed to post the versatile blogger award in my blog, too? I LOVE how your kitchen turned out, by the way.