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Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY Coasters

So a few weeks ago, I posted about going to make DIY coasters with my mom.  I promised that I'd put up step-by-step pictures in the near future.  Well... I epically fail at both of these promises.  BUT I do have finished product pictures.  Truth be told, my mom got a little annoyed with me wanting to take pictures of every step in the process, so I stopped in order to keep the peace.  I will, however, give you a tutorial without the play-by-play.

Here is the finished product:
4 coasters, 1 trivet 

This is the print in my living room that I used as inspiration
for the stamps and colors.
This project was super simple and pretty inexpensive.  We already had the ink, but bought the stamps at a local scrapbooking shop for $10 and then got the tiles at a local tile place for $6 for 8 of the smaller tiles and $2 per bigger piece.  We used tumbled marble tiles, but you can do it with just about any porous tile.  You can find StazOn ink at Hobby Lobby for about $8, and with a 40% off coupon, you'll spend even less.  Also, you don't have to do a trivet.  I wanted to, though, since my living room opens to my kitchen and the decor is related.

What you will need:
-desired number of tiles of a specific size (ours were 4x4 for the little ones)
-StazOn ink in desired colors (we stamped in black, then colored in with red, orange, and green)
-tiny paint brushes (think Paint by Number kind)
- rubber stamp of your choice (we used the clear kind that you stick to a block so that we could really see where we were putting our stamp down on the tile)
-little cork or felt rounds for the back of the tile

1. Test a few possible design options on a blank sheet of paper so you know what you want to do on the tile.  Once you place that permanent ink on the tile, there's no going back, so know the design you want BEFORE you stamp.

2. Dust off tiles with damp paper towel.  Let dry completely.

3. Using StazOn ink, push your stamp onto the ink pad making sure that you have covered the whole stamp well.  Once covered in ink, push stamp onto the tile hard.  Be sure that you're on a level surface, like a table or counter.  

4. After pushing down for about 15-20 seconds, pull stamp directly backward off of the tile so the ink doesn't smear.  You'll want to let the outline of the stamp dry completely before filling it in with color.  Repeat these steps for all tiles.

5. If you want to color in your stamp, use tiny paint brushes dipped in StazOn ink of your choice to carefully color within the outline of your stamp.  You can do several different colors over each other, as I did, to achieve a multi-colored look.

6. Let the ink dry overnight before using.  If you want to use the coasters earlier, you can put them in a 350 degree over for about 20 minutes to dry the ink faster, but it is not necessary to bake them to set the ink.

7. Once completely dry, add cork rounds or felt rounds to the back to prevent the tile from scratching your coffee tables, nightstand, etc.
Its the camera that's made this image kind of
fuzzy, but you can see the tile closer up.  It's
porous and somewhat distressed, which I
love about it.

So ta da!  Cheap, easy, and super cute coasters.  I think these will be my Christmas gift to family and friends this year!

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