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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yay! An Owl Statue!

Let me preface this post by saying that I love owls.  I really love them.  And for some reason, I've been seeing a lot more of them lately in the decor stores, which makes me glad.  

While in Hobby Lobby today browsing for a Mother's Day gift (more on that later), I spotted this beauty:

It was 50% off, so naturally I had to have it.  I paid $11 for it, which is almost better than the find itself!  I wasn't quite sure where this quirky little treasure would fit in my home, but I knew, in Tim Gunn fashion, I would make it work.

Ta da!  Right on the upstairs landing on the way into the living room.  This cutie will greet me every time I walk up the stairs... for now, at least.  This might not be the owl's permanent nest.  We'll see.

As promised, here are my Mother's Day finds:

One for each of the grandmas.


I flipping LOVE orchids!  But no matter how many subtle (and let's face it, not so subtle) hints I drop for DH, I still don't own an orchid of my own.  I feel like this is something you don't really buy for yourself, so I'm still waiting for my orchid.  

I asked Zeke if he'd get me an orchid of my own for Mother's Day, but he didn't seem too interested. 
Hm... maybe the puppy needs Weight Watchers.
This isn't the most flattering angle.
Well, I'm off to go stamp some tiles for coasters with my mom.  This is apparently a three day process, so I'll take some pictures as I go and put up a tutorial when they're finished!

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