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Monday, May 30, 2011

Only One Maroon Room Left!

Okay, okay.  I don't think all of the maroon closets count (yes, all 5 of them).  So technically, now that our master bathroom is painted, there's only one maroon room left in our house!  Yay!  I could scream for joy!  Oh wait.  I did.  About twenty minutes ago when it was finished.  Or mostly finished, anyway, all except the light.  More on that later on in this post.

Here's our master bathroom BEFORE.  Isn't it hideous?  That maroon paint was in 5 rooms of our house and ALL of the closets.  All of them.  Ugh.  It takes two coats of Behr paint plus primer to cover the maroon, but it's well worth it.

This if FLAT paint, too.  Literally every single
tiny droplet of water or hairspray can be seen
by the naked eye on this paint. 

Pardon the clock.  I was getting ready to paint
and remembered to catch some before pictures.

Along the vanity cabinet.  Didn't the previous owner
do such a lovely job of taping?!  Or maybe, just
to be nice, he didn't even tape at all?

The top of the shower.  Yum.  It was so much fun trying to get that
off of the grout.

That'll be fun to cover up when I'm ready to do the white trim.
And that's where my eyeshadow applicator went!?
I got so fed-up with the color and figured that this three-day weekend would be a perfect time to eliminate it from my life forever, at least until I walk downstairs.  So DH and I marched our happy little tails to Home Depot on Friday night and picked up a gallon of Behr's Gray Morning.  And ta da!  The new and MUCH improved master bath!
I LOVE it!  I was worried that the shower curtain
wouldn't look good with the new paint, but I think
it looks just dandy.

Even the horrible counter-tops are less horrible
with this paint.  It doesn't look like the bathroom
that Marilyn Manson always dreamed of anymore!
I'll be putting a new clock above the towel ring.
Notice anything missing above that mirror?

Cute little candle holders (that are missing candles at
the moment).  I'm hoping to pick up some candles soon.

The wonderful new brushed nickel outlet covers. 
It's still missing some finishing touches.  Like, oh I don't know, a light?  Here's the story of that adventure. 

So while at Home Depot for the paint, DH and I found this adorable light on sale.

We loved it.  So we got all of the business out and ready to be put up.  It was time to put on the mounting screws.  DH and ,I never having installed a vanity light before, had no idea that this outlet box is not standard, nor up to code.  Honestly, it didn't surprise us too much, as we have found several contracting flaws that were made just to cut costs and corners.

Apparently, vanity lights are supposed to have a circular or octagonal outlet box.  The box installed by our lovely contractor is rectangular, as you can see.  Therefore, no (and I repeat NO) vanity light will install correctly on this box.  How did the previous light stay up there, you ask?  It didn't.  When taping off the bathroom, the old light was lightly bumped by my hand and tilted so much that it was no longer horizontal, but vertical.  This is because the contractor never put in the mounting screws.  Basically, the old light could've fallen down at any time.

So, I returned the beautiful new light that I had picked out because I found one that I liked about 95% as much that was half the cost.  That's okay.  Because to get the new light up correctly, or any vanity light for that matter, I had to purchase a new outlet box.

The correct outlet box for a vanity light.
So stay tuned for the completely completed bathroom, which will include this vanity light:
Sorry.  I don't feel like taking the light out of all of that Styrofoam
right now.  It's a brushed nickel finish with frosted glass.  Very classy.
Hopefully the light will be up soon, but for right now I'm just excited to have a bathroom that doesn't remind me of a brothel every time I'm standing naked in the mirror.


  1. Looks great! I love before/after paint pics...paint is such a wonderful transformation. And I am feelin' you on the light situation....what a drag to have to redo the outlet box. Don't you love it when corners are cut??? Your comments about the previous paint job were killing me...I have been there!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's so awesome when the cut corners cost more money, too. I guess that's all part of owning a home, though!

  3. Great improvement! Love the color and I agree it goes just fine with the shower curtain. Good job!