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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Dream House

So I thought I'd have a little fun today, and design the house that I would want if money were not a factor.  With the help of Google, I have been able to do just that.  So come take a tour of my imaginary house!  

First, I will start with the outside of the house.  If DH and I ever win the lottery and are able to build our own house from scratch, I want stone and brick on the exterior.  I also want some nice landscaping and a large yard for Zeke to run around.  The blueprints for this house alone cost $2, 495 so I'm sure that this house will never be a reality for us on my teaching salary (unless DH can get a nice promotion).
Practically perfect in every way.
You would enter our house to this beautiful two-story foyer.  I know it's a lot of beige, but don't worry; we're planning to repaint in a light gray.

Now, for the kitchen.  I love cooking.  DH does the dishes.  Our little galley kitchen is okay for now, but eventually it just isn't going to cut it.  I want a HUGE kitchen with plenty of space for a whole family to be in it to cook and not risk turning around and stabbing somebody with a knife.  How beautiful is this kitchen!?
You could fit my whole extended family in this sucker!
If you'll just follow me right on through the kitchen into our open-concept living room.  Yes, It was so hard to choose the right decorating style, but don't you just love our fireplace?  I'm not sure about the plant; do you think it's too much?  
Eclectic chic.
The laundry room would be just off of the kitchen, probably near the garage door entrance to the house.  We would also store our coats and shoes in the laundry room.  Just about anything would beat the laundry closet we have now, but this laundry room stole my heart.
I might actually enjoy doing laundry with
a room like this.
Our master bedroom would be the only bedroom on the first floor.  We would want it there so that we don't have to drag laundry up and down the stairs as we do now.  I love the color combos in this room.  And that rug!? Fabulous!  Oh, and you can't see it, but I imagine that there'd be a fireplace opposite that bed in our dream house, too.
Love the bench seat at the end of the bed.
And here you see our beautiful master bathroom.  There's a beautiful fully tiled shower just off in the corner.  It's also got some full-view glass doors.  
Love those floors!
Just off the kitchen, there'd be a door to our basement, which would contain the most awesome man cave for the hubby.  Behind that beautiful bar, he'd have a never-ending keg of Summer Shandy and Guinness from the tap.
Playing my favorite movie?  Coincidence?  I think not.
Upstairs, we'd have three more bedrooms: one guest room, and two for the future kids.  Here's a glimpse of the guest bedroom, since I don't want to even think about kid rooms at this point in my life.
Love the lighting!
I would take one of the future kid rooms as my craft room until said kid arrived.  It looks a little something like this.  You've gotta love all of that storage!  I'd probably paint it some obnoxious color, like teal or hot pink or something that'll burn my eyes, but keep me awake, every time I craft.
I can't even fathom having this much room
to craft!
And finally, we arrive at our office.  It would look a little something like this.  I like to think that the black is chalkboard paint!
Simple awesomeness.
And the backyard?  A little something like this.  Oh yeah, there's also a hot tub somewhere out there.  We are planning on getting those plants in the ground eventually, but we just love chilling on our deck so much that it's hard to find the motivation.
Love that deck!
Thank you for taking a tour of my dream home!  This is the only way I'll ever have it: in pictures.


  1. It's certainly a very beautiful house and very tasteful too. Sometimes, I think that those massive houses with more rooms than you can shake a stick at are trying so hard to be luxurious that they just become tacky. Take Bill Gates - he has a trampolining room. As far as I'm aware, he's not a professional trampolinist so I can't imagine for the life of me why he'd need a room dedicated to trampolining.

    Me, what I'd really like is a house that stands on its own little bit of land, the way that a lot of the Canadian and American houses do. I doubt it's ever going to happen though, as I'm sorry to say that it's more common for houses to be built in long, ugly lines of identical brick things. And if you somehow manage to find a property standing on its own, you're looking at a massive
    house valuation. Well beyond my means.

    There's a few things I'm not compromising on though. No matter what happens, I'm having a power shower in a proper shower cubicle and a massive brick barbecue. My house either has to have those or it has to be possible to add them.

  2. Well, your dream house looks really fantastic. And yes I can understand the feeling of dreaming about owning your dream house. Having a big house may be harder to clean, but it will really be worth it. After all, it's your dream house, right?

    -Marvin Mills