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Monday, May 2, 2011


I am SOOOOO excited!  My hubby and I are finally going to take our honeymoon!  We'll be going over our one year anniversary in August.  We never got a honeymoon right after our wedding, so we've been trying to find a way to make a honeymoon feasible for us, and met with a travel agent to see if an affordable honeymoon was possible.  It turns out that for a 5 day, all-inclusive, resort in Riviera Maya (including airfare and transfer fees), will be about $2,100.  Yay!  I coach a swim team full time in the summer, so my extra income will be paying for the trip.

How did we get this trip so cheap, you may ask?  Well, we agreed to what is called a square deal.  Basically, this means that the resort has a sister resort where you stay at one, but can play at both.  Both of the resorts are BEAUTIFUL!  However, we will not find out which one we'll be staying at until we arrive at Midway for our flight.  We're okay with this because if you can go to both of them, why does it matter which one we stay at?  I'm just excited to be going on vacation!  

We could be staying at the NOW Sapphire resort.  It is a 6 apple resort, which is the best you can get according to Apple Vacation's rating scale.  The difference between this resort, and the NOW Jade (pictures farther down), is really the activities that you can do there.  The Sapphire includes scuba diving and 6 restaurants, plus many other activities.

Or we could be staying at the NOW Jade.  This resort is the cheaper of the two, but it doesn't matter because we pay for this one, but could get a room at the Sapphire.  The Jade has fewer options for activities, but that's okay since we could just hop on over to the Sapphire to play.

We are so excited!  In our nearly 6 years together, the hubby and I have NEVER gone on vacation or anywhere together.  Okay, scratch that.  We've seen some Packer games at Lambeau (World Champs, baby!), but as far as vacations go, we've never gone anywhere. 

Now to get working on that bikini bod... Being stricken with the flu as I am today should help.

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