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Saturday, March 12, 2011

DIY Pictures Are Up!

So, today was a very productive day in terms of home improvement.  DH and I hung up the DIY pictures from this post, and I LOOOOOOOVE them!!! Our entryway is actually starting to look welcoming.  Yay!

Ta da!  Don't you love them!?

We also made a trip to Menards to buy our new kitchen sink and faucet.  This has been a long awaited purchase, and due to tax returns, we were finally able to buy them!  I am SUPER excited.  Our old sink is a 6.5 inch deep stainless steel, and is far too shallow for my taste.  I love to cook, and my father used to own a restaurant, so I grew up with a top of the line kitchen.  While the hubby and I cannot afford a kitchen that is 100% up to my standards right now, the sink and faucet are the one thing about our tiny kitchen that I cannot stand.  So we purchased a 8.5 inch deep (ah!) white acrylic sink and a beautiful brushed nickel Moen faucet.  Sorry, no pictures quite yet.

We also priced some storm doors at Menards and Lowes.  I think we'll be going with Menards.  There wasn't too much of a price difference, but Menards carried the one we liked the best.

And last, but certainly not least, we finally got the quilt that goes with our duvet set!  This has also been a long awaited purchase, and due to a nice coupon and a little of that tax return money, we could finally splurge on it!

The quilt is the basket weave slate brown blanket that you can see near the back.  It's going to really help with keeping our silly puppy's dark hair off of the white duvet.  And the duvet really IS white; the lighting just did a funny number to it.

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